Sensible. Responsible.

We’ve watched clubs across the country struggle with inflated infrastructure and overhead – with asset and operating models that become an inevitable burden for members. We’ve charted a different course that focuses resources on areas that present the greatest return on investment. This noted, we are uncompromising with respect to the quality of our facilities and especially, our people.

Evidence of this is the team we’ve assembled – Coore & Crenshaw as designers of the golf course, Hart Howerton as architects of the master plan and club facilities, and Jim Kidd as our General Manager. In these expert hands the future is promising indeed.

The foundation on which we build is

Made of Principle and Purpose

Our special properties – Clear Creek and Twin Pines – are in the midst of the irreplaceable natural beauty of the Sierras and the Lake Tahoe region. Each property represents our vision of sustainability – protected and preserved for future generations.

Here is a unique opportunity to be part of a larger purpose.
A chance to become more than a member – to be a steward of the land.

We feel it’s our privilege to protect this truly unique environment. We are striving not to just build but to restore and maintain the natural landscape; not just for us, but for this generation and the next. It’s easy to envision a future here – for you, your children, and for their children, enjoying the natural beauty and recreational opportunities of these treasured places, and knowing that you have been an important part in keeping the land as it should be, now and forever.