Healthy Lives Here

If you are what you eat, then what you are at Clear Creek is certain to be healthy, satisfied and invigorated. The inspiration for what’s cooking is global – reflecting the well-travelled and varied backgrounds of our membership while taking full advantage of the clean and fresh flavors local to California and Nevada. Old favorites will always be there, updated to keep things interesting – call it a new age American Bistro. The chefs here have focused on creating a menu where consistency and comfort are key components, leads the Food & Beverage program.

A Stirring Season

Throughout the year members will look forward to a lively schedule of special events that includes visiting winemaker and craft brewery dinners where we’ll pair the fruits of these emerging talents with menus created just for the occasion.

Special Events

Both on the mountain and lakeside at Twin Pines, there are few more dazzling, natural settings than Clear Creek. For weddings, anniversaries, a birthday, corporate or social gathering, we can orchestrate the countless details that leave you time to mix with your guests, knowing everything will be just as you like it.

On the Menu

A vital ingredient everywhere at Clear Creek is engaging, honest conversation and service that’s always comfortable. Whether it’s a barbecue by the lake or a special family dinner at the clubhouse you’ll find us there to help when you need us, and privacy when you don’t.