With all modesty, and there are not two more modest golf course architects on earth …this noted, please enjoy a few words about their labor of love at Lake Tahoe.

“Clear Creek has terrific contours and a lot of diversity. And you feel like you’re in Tahoe. We opened up the vistas so that you could see the mountains and valleys. The whole place is wonderful.”

Ben Crenshaw

“This Soil is Gold.”

Ben Crenshaw on the ancient decomposition of granite that contributes to near perfect soil conditions.

“Instead of bulldozing landscapes, we look for sites that are “naturally gifted for golf,” then we will move as little dirt as possible in crafting the finished product. The best courses work on many levels, including subconsciously. “It’s like a really good essay or poem, if a golfer gets all nuances the first time through, well then, it isn’t very good.”

Bill Coore