As part of the historic Clear Creek Ranch, the property has had a connection to Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Virginia City since the mid 1800’s. Clear Creek is located in the center of the fictional “Ponderosa” of Bonanza fame, and has been utilized for over 150 years by The Haskell Milling Company and various cattle operations. Our Swift’s Station pavilion on the golf course is so named for the Pony Express stop here between Carson City, Yosemite and the lake.

The remains of timber flumes that carried logs from Spooner Summit to the mines of western Nevada are still on the property. The timber operation was that of D.L. Bliss, a prominent and enterprising entrepreneur around the lake.

Clear Creek also has a significant architectural heritage, including simple Jeffrey Pine ranch structures and buildings designed by architects Julia Morgan (architect of our Twin Pines Lake & Ski house) and Bernard Maybeck, which will guide architectural designs within the community.

As John Muir wrote, “It gives forth the finest wind music. After listening to it in all kinds of winds, night and day, season after season, I think I could approximate to my position on the mountain by this pine music alone.”

One special attribute of these majestic conifers is the sound they make on a stormy day. There’s nothing like listening to the wind in the pines, a whirring roar like a waterfall or the gentle bellow of a train in the distance, as well as watching them sway from side to side, stretching with ease. They’re postcard-perfect trees with long, broom-like needles and intricate puzzle bark that largely define the homesites here at Clear Creek.

“There is no substitute for a spectacular natural setting. As designers, we look for sites where the terrain presents interesting situations and where there is an interesting backdrop for the movement of the land. This is a very surprising piece of property – an area of great contours, elevation changes, vistas. And it’s walkable! It’s a mountain golf course, but it doesn’t feel that way. We think golfers will find a unique golf experience at Clear Creek Tahoe, and we hope every round includes some of that spirit we felt when we first came here.”

-Bill Coore

Clear Creek benefits from an extraordinary setting. It’s actually an ancient landform; it’s a saddle between the eastern face of the Sierras and this really remarkably dramatic outcropping that towers up to 6,500 feet. This is basically a flat piece of land that sets in a mountainous setting and a sight to behold not only for its majestic views and towering pines, but also because of the planning and principles that went into building it. On-site materials were used extensively for the construction of both the golf course and the buildings. We maintain just 50 acres of turf, and irrigate the golf course with reclaimed water.