Your Place In History

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As part of the historic Clear Creek Ranch, the property has had a connection to Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Virginia City since the mid 1800’s. Clear Creek is located in the center of the fictional “Ponderosa” of Bonanza fame, and has been utilized for over 150 years by  various cattle operations. Our Swift’s Station pavilion on the golf course is so named for the wagon train stop that was located just below the eastern summit of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The property historically held timber flumes that carried logs from Spooner Summit to the mines of western Nevada. The timber operation was that of D.L. Bliss, a prominent and enterprising entrepreneur around the lake. Clear Creek also has a significant architectural heritage, including the iconic building design of architect Julia Morgan, who designed the Twin Pines Lake House & Ski House.

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a storied property

At 2,136 acres, Clear Creek is expansive and pristine. To ensure that it stays this way forever, we’ve placed 853 acres into a permanent conservation easement with The Nature Conservancy. Indeed, Clear Creek takes its stewardship of the land seriously, even as it redefines the story of the land for years to come.

The property sits on a saddle between the eastern face of the Sierra and a remarkably dramatic outcropping that towers up to 6,500 feet. This piece of land lies naturally in its mountainous setting, majestic with its views and towering pines. As the community takes shape, onsite materials are being used extensively, both for the construction of the golf course and the surrounding community.