At 1,576 acres Clear Creek is clearly expansive. It’s also pristine. To ensure that it stays this way forever, we’ve placed 853 acres into a permanent conservation easement with The Nature Conservancy.

Our distinct and beautiful properties are united by purpose; a passion for conservation and the enjoyment of outdoor recreation and nature.

Known as minimalist architects, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw move as little land as possible, the aim being to ‘lay’ the course onto the natural topography.

We’re preserving the authentic nature of our Twin Pines Lake & Ski House, a historically significant Julia Morgan landmark.

Stewardship comes with membership

As a member, you will be an important part of the restoration and preservation of some of the most beautiful property in the Sierras. As a steward of this landscape, you will be connected to this sensitive and vital ecosystem with other like-minded members. Together, we will build a lasting legacy in one of the earth’s most inspiring and sensitive environments.

The 200-acre course is a sight to behold not only for its majestic and breathtaking views and towering pines, but also because of the planning and principles that went into building it.

  • To guide development, in 2008 we commissioned a comprehensive Environmental / Sustainability Study by ARUP
  • Clubhouse and other common area facilities will be substantially off the grid as a result of solar and geothermal sources
  • Our on-site plant uses recycled water for golf course irrigation
  • Roadways are at natural grade, eliminating substantial cut/fill
  • The golf course uses existing terrain with minimal earth movement – and far less turf areas than traditional parkland style courses
  • Soil, rocks and timber for construction were harvested on-site and used for construction
  • Rainfall and snowfall remain on site through natural drainage