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Clear Creek Homesites

Homesite # 001 1.87

This expansive homesite overlooks the 17th green and 16th fairway with breathtaking views of the Carson Range and Bliss Peak. There is a relatively flat building site for your residence and an easy walk to the Clubhouse Campus.

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Homesite # 002 4.25

This 4.25-acre site tucked behind the 17th green sits on a knoll with unobstructed views of the Carson Range, Carson Valley and Sweetwater Range to the distant south. This site is a comfortable walk to all the amenities and very private, just steps to the heart of the club lifestyle.

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Homesite # 003 3.67

This expansive 3.67-acre site is as deep as it is private, with views of the Carson Range, Carson Valley and Sweetwater Range. The site offers opportunities to orient the home to take advantage of good sun from morning until dusk.

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Homesite # 004 3.19

Perched on a knoll, this 3+-acre site offers unobstructed views of the Carson Range to the west and southwest with expansive views of Carson Valley and the Sweetwater Range to the distant south and the Pine Nut Mountains to the southeast, along with impressive views of the rocky bluff behind the Clubhouse.

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Homesite # 005 4.91

The largest homesite in Phase One at 4.91 acres, this gently sloping site sits just below the 18th fairway and offers dramatic views in every direction. Beyond the privacy and size of the site, highlights include long views to the Carson Valley and the Sweetwater Range in the distance. Snowcapped Job’s Peak can be seen far in the distance.

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Homesite # 006 4.38

This spacious homesite is nestled at the base of the rocky mountain that plays so prominently into the Clubhouse Campus. This site is just behind the 18th green with spectacular panoramic views of the Pine Nut Mountains to the east, Carson Valley, the Sweetwater Range and the Carson Range. This site is literally steps to the club, and surely one of Tahoe’s prized properties.

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Homesite # 007 2.34

Magnificent in every way and worthy of every adjective a homesite may garner. Spectacular 360° views of the Pine Nuts, Sweetwater Range, Carson Range and Carson Valley below. Striking rock outcroppings and vegetation add character at every turn. Located behind the 18th green, it provides easy access to the Clubhouse Campus.

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Homesite # 008 3.34

A landmark property in the entire Tahoe region. Cradled amongst some spectacular rock outcroppings, this 3.34-acre site will be an architect’s dream project. Unmatched views of the Carson Valley and all the surrounding mountain ranges make this a one-of-a-kind property. Ultimate privacy with easy access to the Clubhouse Campus as well.

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Homesite # 009 1.66

Nestled against beautiful rock outcroppings, this 1.66-acre site affords great privacy along with views of the Carson Range and Bliss Peak. It is just across the 18th fairway from the Clubhouse Campus and one of only six homesites off the Swift’s Station Drive cul-de-sac.

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Homesite # 010 1.44

A great opportunity to take advantage of the character provided by large rock outcroppings, this 1.44-acre site enjoys a wonderful view of the boulders behind the Clubhouse as the setting sun illuminates them. A very private site situated among some of Clear Creek’s most prominent homesites.

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Homesite # 011 1.89

This is a very private homesite with filtered views of both the Sweetwater Range and Carson Valley. This is a site of exciting topography that is also among Tahoe’s most private, and yet it is just a short walk to the Clubhouse.

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Homesite # 012 2.28

This south-facing, gently sloping 2.28-acre site is spacious, offering interesting building sites and orientations that will take advantage of unobstructed views of Carson Valley and mountain ranges to the east, south and west.

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Homesite # 013 1.33

South facing and gently sloping topography are just the start of the many rewards on this 1.33-acre site. There are dramatic, unobstructed views of the Carson Valley and views from the Sweetwaters to Bliss Peak.

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Homesite # 014 1.43

This is a very private site of almost one and one-half acres. The building site is tucked into gently sloping terrain that leads to a small seasonal creek. The site is very private and surrounded by acres of open space. There are wonderful views upslope to the rocky mountain behind the Clubhouse.

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Homesite # 015 1.31

This 1.31-acre site slopes gently to a small seasonal creek and backs to a permanent open space. It’s a very private site that provides unobstructed views of the Carson Range and a gap view to the Carson Valley.

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Homesite # 016 2.25

Located at the end of Cutoff Trail Court and perched out on a ridge, this spectacular 2.25-acre homesite offers incredible views uphill to the mountains that glow behind the Clubhouse in the setting sun, and further to the east, the Pine Nuts. Straight to the south are the Sweetwater Range and Carson Valley far below.

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Homesite # 017 1.56

This 1.56-acre property is again one of Tahoe’s most private and exclusive. This relatively level site sits at the end of Cutoff Trail Court and offers terrific filtered Carson Valley views and an unobstructed panorama of the Carson Range.

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Homesite # 018 1.65

This gently sloping 1.65-acre site sits at the end of Cutoff Trail Court and offers wonderful Carson Range, Carson Valley and Sweetwater Mountains views. Rock outcroppings and a lush natural setting make this an exclusive opportunity.

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Homesite # 019 3.25

Truly spectacular in every way, this expansive 3.25-acre site sits high on a ridge with 270° views of the Carson Range, Sweetwater Range, Pine Nut Mountains and Carson Valley far below. The property is very private and substantially protected by open space.

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Homesite # 020 1.82

This gently sloping 1.82-acre homesite offers unobstructed panoramic views of the Pine Nut Mountains, Sweetwater Range, Carson Range and Carson Valley. The preferred homesite sits prominently on a ridgeline.

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Homesite # 021 1.56

This 1.56-acre site slopes gradually down from Swift’s Station Drive and offers wonderful views of the Pine Nut Mountains, Sweetwater Range, Carson Range and Carson Valley. Very private, it opens to open space below.

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Homesite # 022 1.69

A home here would enjoy being perched on the ridge, offering privacy and filtered views of the Carson Range, Sweetwater Range and Carson Valley. This 1.69-acre site opens to protected open space below.

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Homesite # 023 2.81

This is one of the most secluded sites at Clear Creek and offers ultimate privacy and filtered views of Carson Valley. Surrounded by permanent open space, this site nestles amongst the Jeffrey Pines and has a real feeling of being secreted away in the woods, yet it’s just a stroll to the Clubhouse.

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Homesite # 024 1.64

This relatively flat 1.64-acre site offers terrific filtered views of the Carson Range and Carson Valley far below. Backing to open space, the site offers a real sense of privacy. The site is a nice stroll to the club, along the seventeenth and eighteenth fairways.

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Homesite # 025 1.76

This expansive site is but a short stroll to the Clubhouse Campus. Gently sloping to the south, it offers an array of interesting home design approaches that will take advantage of great views toward Bliss Peak and long views over Carson Valley.

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Homesite # 051 1.87

This incredible, almost two-acre homesite overlooks the 16th fairway of the golf course. There are 360° views of the surrounding mountains, including dramatic sunsets that light up the mountain behind the Clubhouse.

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Homesite # 123 1.15

A nicely proportioned, wide and expansive property that is nearly level makes this acre-plus site immediately appealing. Here are great views of Duane Bliss Peak, and through the pines to the seventh fairway.

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Homesite # 124 1.4

The fact that this is one of the most level building sites in all of Clear Creek is but part of the appeal. Add stunning mountain views and a setting right on the golf course, and it’s easy to appreciate the many advantages of this spacious property.

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Homesite # 176 0.74

Proof that good things come in small packages, this is a generously sized and well-priced property from which to enjoy fabulous snow peak views of Duane Bliss. Views across the front of the property are to the golf course.

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Homesite # 177 0.58

This is one of two tidy homesites that enjoy a ridgeline with excellent and largely unobstructed views to the golf course and the monumental summit of Bliss Peak. It’s a perfect way to tiptoe into Clear Creek’s rich array of amenities.

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Homesite # 178 0.56

Like a Tiffany box, good things come in small packages – namely a property that allows a residence that crowns a natural rise in the land, enabling long views that take in all of the surrounding mountains as well as the Coore & Crenshaw golf course.

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Homesite # 179 0.99

Within just a few feet of being a perfect one acre, this property is perfect in every other way, including a very level building site. At the crest of Walton Toll Road, the site has views that are as dramatic as one would expect.

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Homesite # 180 1.05

Nicely forested with Jeffrey pines, this acre-plus homesite delivers on every front – mountain views, golf views and an accommodating site for your residence.

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Homesite # 181 1

Economical in size, price and ultimate construction is a fitting description for this exactly one-acre site. The backdrop is imposing – the mountains crowned by Duane Bliss – but other views are to the Carson Hills to the north, and in the foreground, views to the sixth green and seventh tee box.

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Homesite # 182 1.21

The topography begins to slope down along Walton Toll Road at this point, really opening up long views to the east and especially the glistening Carson Hills to the north. The back of the property is very private, a small valley that drops to a meadow and Clear Creek’s Headwaters Trail.

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Homesite # 183 1.06

Your back decks and outdoor spaces are to the western sunset, your morning brightened by the sun lighting up the front of your home. Enjoy high mountain views to Bliss Peak on this very private homesite.

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Homesite # 184 1.5

This very large parcel is also one of the most private, nicely located at Clear Creek. It provides nice opportunities to explore different site plans for your residence as the topography offers lots of privacy, as well as views in every direction.

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Homesite # 185 2.3

The western homesite of two parcels that lead to the trail, creeks and grassy meadow, this two-plus-acre site sits in a protected valley. It is surely one of the most dramatic and private settings at Clear Creek Tahoe.

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Homesite # 186 2.11

More than two acres rich with opportunity. Here, at the end of the Chamberland cul-de-sac, is a homesite that is set high on the ridge, but then falls dramatically to the Headwaters Trail, a verdant meadow and stream. This is a magical place where one is truly at home with nature.

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Homesite # 187 0.79

At the spot where Chamberland Court ascends from the base is a site with intriguing possibilities. The building pad is level, but all around is dramatic topography, rising and falling in every direction. Below are open space and the Headwaters Trail.

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Homesite # 188 0.93

Midway on Chamberland Court is a nearly one-acre parcel. The elevation offers excellent northern views to the white-faced Carson Hills, and to the west Bliss Peak and the entire Carson Range. Below are open space and the Headwaters Trail.

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Homesite # 189 1.29

The intersection of Chamberlain Court and Walton Toll Road may just as easily be the intersection of happy and healthy – for adventures await in every direction. The trail fringes the property on the north, the meadow just a bit further away, and it is but steps to an evening stroll around the course.

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Homesite # 190 1.29

This is a very private homesite by virtue of being the highest elevation along a series of properties that runs along Walton Toll Road. The property has dramatic north-facing views to the Carson Hills and western views of Duane Bliss Peak. There are peeks of the Clear Creek Meadow.

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Homesite # 191 1.28

Set along the ridge with open space that falls to the meadow, this property offers stunning north-facing views to the Carson Hills and western views of Duane Bliss Peak. There are peeks of the Clear Creek Meadow through the pines.

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Homesite # 192 1.28

This wide and very level lot, slightly down sloping to the northern and eastern views, opens to wide views of the Clear Creek Meadow. Open space behind and only one home opposite make this a very private setting.

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Homesite # 193 1.53

An acre and one half overlooking the broad curve where Walton Toll Road meets the sixth fairway is a very wide, spacious and private homesite with views in every direction – Bliss Peak to the west commanding as much attention as the Carson Hills to the north.

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Homesite # 194 1.46

Dall Court is a lovely setting with five spacious properties. This homesite sits prominently on the corner, is quite large and is among the most level at Clear Creek. Views are virtually 360° and include a nice panorama of the sixth fairway.

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Homesite # 195 1.23

Spacious and rich with views, this site backs to open space and actually drops down to Clear Creek, which flows year-round. Deer are frequent guests, especially during spring when the stream is rushing. An idyllic setting.

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Homesite # 196 0.95

This is where one acre leads to thousands more – yes, views, but also open space that leads from the ridge to the meadow, along the way crossing the Headwaters Trail.

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Homesite # 197 1.21

Dall Court is home to this exceptionally deep and very level property. The views to the sparkling white faces of the Carson Hills dominate the northern view. There are long down valley views to the east, and to the west and south, the towering, white-capped Carson Range. In other words, views, views, views.

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Homesite # 198 1.73

At nearly two acres, this homesite is very private, very deep and offers a level site leading to a building location on a plateau. From here the views to the north and east are exceptional, as are the views of the expansive meadow.

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Homesite # 199 1.39

A very spacious homesite by traditional Tahoe standards, homesite 199 offers lovely views of the expansive golden grasses in the meadow that light up each sunrise and sunset. The chiseled rock wall of the Carson Hills dominates the northern view; snowcapped Duane Bliss is to the west.

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Homesite # 200 1.25

Midway on Haskell Mills, this property is one of the wider on the court, yet like its counterparts offers a backyard with long and dramatic views of the meadows and mountains beyond. This is a very private setting that, like all of Clear Creek, is delightfully low-density.

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Homesite # 201 1.21

This property is on the very gradual descent down Haskell Court and offers a wide and level building plane – as do almost all properties at Clear Creek. This is one of a special collection of sites that sits along a ridgetop overlooking the meadow and mountains … it’s a magical setting.

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Homesite # 202 1.08

Views toward the Clubhouse mountain across the court set the stage for a wonderful residential enclave. The site features a filtered view of the golf course to the southeast and spectacular meadow views out back. Extremely private, this overlook is a gem.

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Homesite # 203 1.02

One of two estate sites on the circle, this site has long down valley views, peeks of the Clubhouse mountain, which lights up at sunset, and filtered views through the forest of the fifth hole. The meadow view from the back decks is glorious from sunrise to sunset.

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Homesite # 204 1.65

Very little needs to be said. The road leads to your door and open space virtually surrounds the property, with amazing meadow views, overlooks to golf, and best of all, put on the hiking boots and meander down the hill to Clear Creek … this is exceptional mountain living.

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Homesite # 205 1.35

There is a lovely seasonal stream that runs across the back side of the estate through the conservation open space into Clear Creek. Clear Creek stream is now stocked with trout, and it’s just a sort hike to the stream. With beautiful views to the course and mountains and ultimate privacy, it does not get too much better than this.

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Homesite # 206 0.9

This site has all the features of the neighboring properties, but is just a tad smaller. A seasonal stream, views, privacy, open space and hikes to Clear Creek and the practice range are right outside your back door.

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Homesite # 207 0.86

A nice mix of high mountain luxury and a bit of community here at the confluence of roads, courts and even seasonal streams. It’s certainly private, with wide-open spaces and the economy of a very level building site.

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Homesite # 208 1.44

Homes on the course are always desirable, and especially this nearly one-and-a-half acre opening to the sixth fairway, with a view straight up to the green and Bliss Peak above. Almost perfectly flat, this site is an architect’s and builder’s dream – as well as yours.

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Homesite # 209 1.4

This is another of Clear Creek’s trademark spacious homesites, right on the fairway, with views of the white-faced Carson Hills, Carson Valley and, of course, Bliss Peak.

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Homesite # 210 1.43

Nicely proportioned and with a most favorable topography, this spacious, nearly one-and-one-half-acre site enjoys all the Carson’s have to offer: views of the peak, the hills and valley, and, of course, the best of Coore & Crenshaw.

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Homesite # 211 1.46

For the avid golfer, it does not get too much better. Sitting at the approach and green of the fifth and the tee for the sixth, this gentle site allows you to see just how your fellow members are faring a third of the way into their round. This site is grand in every respect.

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Homesite # 212 1.8

One of a kind and the one and only, this completely private homesite has a stream down the hill that is easily walkable to a seasonal stream and what may be the most beautiful practice facility anywhere. It’s right on the fifth fairway, aka heaven on earth.

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Homesite # 213 1.34

A refreshment in hand, enjoy this theatrical setting on the fourth green and fifth tee box to welcome your fellow members as they turn up the hill toward Bliss Peak. This spot has great sun all day long and the benefit of a shady, protected homesite that enjoys seasonal streams and greenery.

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Homesite # 214 1.83

With a very level topography, nicely wooded and quietly set below Walton Toll Road, this large parcel looks right out to the fourth green. Just up past a rise covered with feather grass is the fifth tee. The setting in this area remains nice and lush well into the summer season.

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Homesite # 215 2.23

The very first address on the Walton Toll Road is one of the most alluring – over two very private acres nestled in a protected setting overlooking the fourth green. This is a very quiet and serene setting at Clear Creek, where in addition to a lovely overlook to the course, there is green space beyond. This homesite also nearly level, suggesting a home plan where every room can open outside at ground level. 

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Homesite # 216 1.45

At the heart of it all are nearly one and one-half acres that open expansively to the third green and fairway with dramatic views, especially in the afternoon as the rocky hills behind the Clubhouse light up in the setting sun. Walk to the practice facility and down to Clear Creek, where you can cast a line for a Lahontan trout.

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Homesite # 217 1.22

This homesite is a nice setting where your backyard is the acclaimed third fairway. Great views of the mountains in every direction, walk to Clear Creek and the meadow, tune up your game on the range, it’s all right here.

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Homesite # 218 0.71

Here is a tidy and neighborly setting on a nice rise at the corner of Redding Way and the Walton Toll Road. Comfortable topography, mountain and valley views offer the promise of a location where you’re certain to make fast friends.

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Homesite # 219 0.9

At Clear Creek you’ll find that even the smaller properties are substantially larger than at most private communities. This is a perfect example, a nice, level site with filtered views of the course, and the Carson Hills.

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Homesite # 220 1.44

Large. Level. Luxurious. Ideal in every way as this large homesite opens to the heart of the third fairway, enjoys great views in every direction and has great tree cover – just enough for privacy without stealing the views.

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Homesite # 221 0.92

Just shy of an acre but on nothing else. With beautiful views, your back yard is Coore & Crenshaw’s third fairway, and the homesite is almost perfectly level.

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Homesite # 222 1

For those who like everything just so, start with the number 222, then add a nearly perfectly level building site, an exactly one acre lot and location on the golf course with great privacy. Everything just the way you’d want it.

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Homesite # 223 1.63

Your entry is a long drive looking to soaring mountains. The golf course wraps around your property, which is expansive. The topography invites creative architecture certain to turn heads. This is a real prize.

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Homesite # 224 1.55

A bookend to its east side neighbor, the site ascends to the rocky outcrops that overlook the second green. A stately long drive will surely lead to an estate home of significance. Stroll your back yard past Swift’s Station to the Clubhouse. An epic lifestyle awaits right here.

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Homesite # 225 1.03

Just downslope from the ninth green and tenth tee, where a stroll past Swift’s Station takes you to the Clubhouse, spa and fitness campus, you’re at the heart of Clear Creek here. Great topography, spacious and private, here you’re surrounded by birdsong, and birdies.

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Homesite # 226 0.8

Golf front properties always command a premium. When they sit along a championship Coore & Crenshaw course, and where membership comes with a historic Lake House on Tahoe, you have all the ingredients for a family legacy.

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Homesite # 227 0.78

Your front door opens to long views of the white-washed Carson Hills. Your back yard nestles into the slope below the turn of the ninth fairway. Above is Bliss Peak. Walk to the Clubhouse Campus – what’s not to like?

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Homesite # 228 0.73

Wide frontage opens to the ninth fairway at this site where Redding Way levels out, which makes for very economical foundation work on the estate home that will look north to the Carson Hills and west to Bliss and South Camp peaks.

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Homesite # 229 0.84

A deep and nicely proportioned, nearly level property lets you step out onto the course for a stroll to the Clubhouse Campus. High windows will take in views of the snowcapped Duane Bliss Peak.

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Homesite # 230 1.25

This site occupies a terrific and expansive setting where Redding Way wraps around the property. Very private, nicely sloping topography offers opportunities for architecture to exploit the views, and of course, you’re right on the course.

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Homesite # 231 1.2

Clear Creek sits in a natural saddle between soaring mountains, and so most homesites are uncommonly level for Tahoe. But where there is some elevation, the opportunity for great architecture and dramatic views opens up. Here, set privately along the uphill fifth, is just such a wonderful place.

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Homesite # 232 1.07

Nicely treed with a bit of elevation, this homesite offers golf views below and Carson Hills views to the north. Enjoy a short stroll to trout fishing and fishing for lower scores at the Clear Creek practice facility.

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Homesite # 233 1.01

Where the Walton Toll Road meets Redding Way is just a tad larger than one full acre. The homesite is perched well above the roadway, opening up down-valley views, where your back yard will look straight up at the peak named for lumberman Duane Bliss.

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Homesite # 234 0.69

This is a little slice of heaven where Redding Way curves up toward the heart of the golf course. There are great views all around, and this all-around nice spot is convenient to the golf practice facility, the bridge over the trout ponds and hikes in the great meadow.

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Homesite # 235 0.64

How interesting – a homesite sitting high on a ridge where the arrival is from above down a long and dramatic driveway. The good things that come to those who wait are a home that can be oriented to take advantage of a very level site with views in every direction.

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Homesite # 236 0.79

The big curve on Redding Way is home to two homesites that have great filtered golf course views, and are nicely wooded with native ground covers. This one is a tad larger, with long valley and mountain views.

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Homesite # 237 0.72

The big curve on Redding Way is home to two homesites that have great filtered golf course views, and are nicely wooded with native ground covers. This one is just a tad smaller with an easement to the west to aid privacy, and stunning views to the mountains behind the Clubhouse.

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Homesite # 238 0.73

There is considerable economy building on a level site – savings that can go into the residence. Here is a very nice location with a privacy easement to the east. The other noteworthy advantage to homesites in this area is the ease and attraction of using every bit of the level property.

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Homesite # 239 0.6

Good things in small packages? Surely. For every homesite at Clear Creek offers robust amenities – acclaimed golf and practice facilities, the historic Twin Pines Tahoe Lake House for summer and winter fun, and a coming club campus designed by the highly respected architects of Hart Howerton. All this in a most attractive small package.

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Homesite # 240 0.67

Near to the heart of the Redding Way enclave, this interesting property has a nice fall from the street to the back of the site, which opens views to the north and east. Directly west, and always in view, is Duane Bliss Peak.

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Homesite # 241 1.12

Homesite 241 begins a series of estate quality properties all with exceptional golf course views, substantial acreage and extraordinary privacy. The topography slopes gradually downhill from Redding Way, opening up the views, but not so much as to compromise the building site.

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Homesite # 242 1.4

With nearly one and a half acres, you’re looking directly across the fifth green toward the Carson Range. With a topography that is certain to excite the architects, homesite 242 is a very private property where Redding Way turns up to the mountains.

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Homesite # 243 1.73

Private. Expansive. Spectacular in every way, from the course to mountain views, to exciting topography and one of just five homes on Peak View Court, this homesite is of uncompromising quality. A true gem in all of Tahoe.

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Homesite # 244 4.38

This is one of Clear Creek’s largest estate properties. The land, rocks and formations here are spectacular. The entire site looks down to the fifth green and opening of the sixth hole. This very private collection of properties is entirely surrounded by golf, enjoys 360° views and is certain to reward its owners for generations.

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Homesite # 245 1.98

At the end of Peak View Court is a dramatic entry that looks up to Duane Bliss Peak and turns to the residence. The entire property opens to the sixth fairway. Because the property falls down to the course, the fairway and mountain views to the west and north are exceptional.

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Homesite # 246 3.26

A landmark where adjectives fall short. Fantastic rock outcroppings. Topography that falls to the sixth hole and rises to the seventh. Extraordinarily private, this is an opportunity to stake a legacy claim in what promises to be one of the great clubs in the West.

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Homesite # 247 1.91

Like its namesake address, there are rock formations on the property that are nothing short of amazing. Falling to the east from its amazing peak, this is surely another of the community’s landmark properties. While “only” two acres, this homesite fronts golf along its entire southern front, three holes in all. Seeing is believing.

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Homesite # 248 1.54

One of a pair of most interesting properties. These rise from a very long sweeping curve in Redding Way to the golf course behind the properties. This site, 248, has a long view down the ninth fairway. These are sunny, open sites with dramatic views, and great sites for substantial residences and complete privacy.

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Homesite # 249 1.63

In some ways the fraternal twin to the adjacent homesite, this site is a bit larger. This is an expansive setting, with but one neighboring property. Backing to the course, there are great views to the east of the Clubhouse mountain, and to the west of Duane Bliss Peak.

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Homesite # 250 1.11

From your patio or veranda you’ll be able to watch drives from the number nine tee land on the fairway below your residence. Perhaps some encouraging words will be in order, as the back nine await around the turn. Enjoy great privacy and alpenglow sunsets on the mountains behind the Clubhouse.

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Homesite # 251 2.77

We believe every homesite at Clear Creek is exceptional. This one is spectacular. A long, long drive ascends to a high ridge, and then reaches a plateau, falling gently to the building site. Your home looks out over the ninth and tenth holes. In all of Lake Tahoe there is not a more dramatic golf course setting. Nearly three perfect acres, very level, accentuated by equally stunning mountain views.

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Homesite # 252 1.55

One of a series of sites that rise from Redding Way to the course, these sites live large. Individually, they’re large, but combined, there is ample space for very private residential compounds. This site in particular enjoys many of the incredible views on the point, including the tenth fairway.

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Homesite # 253 1.86

The tenth green sits behind your property, which opens as well to views of verdant Carson Valley. Mountain views are east and west, and of course, evening strolls or a cart ride to the club past Swift’s Station are a priceless amenity.

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Homesite # 254 2.09

More than two acres set from tee to fairway on hole number eleven, this stunning homesite rises gently from Redding Way to the course, and slightly to the west. It’s one of the largest golf frontages at Clear Creek and also most ideally located. Jog down to the fitness center at sunrise, and stroll down for sunset cocktails. Absolute perfection.

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Homesite # 255 2.33

One of the largest and deepest of the golf front estates at Clear Creek, the property is also among the highest in elevation, affording great views in every direction. Gently sloping, the site offers interesting options for a landmark residence.

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Homesite # 256 1.49

The properties in this neighborhood are uncommonly large, and so there is an unmistakable feeling of privacy and exclusivity. There’s simply a lot of land between each residence – just the way you want a mountain getaway to be. There are nice views here of the golf course and of course, always, of the mountains that surround and protect this precious land.

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Homesite # 257 2.31

Glorious. More than two acres looking across the course to the lake on number eleven. The backdrop is the thickly forested Bliss Peak, a sparkling white cap often into June. There are rocky outcroppings here on the knoll – and with the lake and golf view, this is among the most special places at Clear Creek.

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Homesite # 258 1.46

Almost one and one half acres, this site features lake views across the course at eleven and a peek down number twelve. There are even filtered views east to holes seven and eight. But that’s just the start of this amazing property. There are rocky outcrops that are perfect places to nestle a fire pit or bocce court, where just about the only neighbor might be the peak named Duane Bliss.

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Homesite # 259 1.7

Where Redding Way descends from the crest is a large estate parcel that overlooks the seventh green. A large rock outcropping sits at the top of the site, which is exceptionally private. This is a prominent setting for a noteworthy home.

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Homesite # 260 1.56

The ample setbacks around the course and large properties ensure that your mountain getaway will never feel crowded. Here along the seventh fairway this is especially so. Very large properties, the expanse of the course and long views in every direction bring new meaning to the phrase “the wide world of wonder.”

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Homesite # 261 1.5

A perfect one and one half acre, lovely trees and natural vegetation, a gentle topography and setting along the seventh fairway set the stage for a handsome residence. This is a very private part of the first phase enhanced by a seasonal snowmelt stream.

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Homesite # 262 1.54

There’s a seasonal stream that trickles across the property here and some terrific topography to take advantage of, especially as the site climbs to the northwest. A southern orientation will reward not only with ample sunlight in every season, but views to the seventh green as well.

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Homesite # 263 2.75

One of Clear Creek’s landmark properties. Exciting topography on both sides of a rise is at the heart of the expansive, nearly three-acre homesite. The site has views across the seventh and of the sixth green, and of Carson Valley to the east and west to Duane Bliss Peak. This is an uncompromising site for an uncompromising design.

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Homesite # 264 2.27

Golf heaven on earth. A green and tee box squarely off the back of a very large estate parcel. The neighbors here are your fellow members on the course, wildlife and soaring red-tailed hawks. A level building site offers the many advantages that come with construction economies.

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Homesite # 265 1.47

In the middle of a nice sweep on Walton Toll Road, the entry views are of Duane Bliss Peak, but the real excitement is out back. The sixth green is just beyond your setback, and there are stunning long golf views up the seventh fairway. This is a large property with even greater potential.

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Homesite # 266 1.85

With nearly two full acres and a very level site atop a ridge with lots of sun, this estate parcel enjoys absolutely spectacular views in every direction, not the least of which is down and across two of Coore and Crenshaw’s most scenic fairways.

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Homesite # 267 1.9

At just under two acres, this is a very handsome and spacious property with a wonderful golf course setting looking straight down the sixth, with peeks of the seventh hole as well. This residence will enjoy a warm, sunny southern exposure.

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Homesite # 268 2.13

From your deck, you’ll watch the lofty flights of your fellow members as they drive right up the sixth fairway. Behind them, the rocky mountain behind the Clubhouse will light up and dazzle most every evening. To the west, enjoy views of the snowcapped peak of Duane Bliss. It’s an expansive site offering a number of ways to orient a landmark residence.

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